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Vtel Holdings Ltd.

Specialties: Mergers and Acquisitions, Raising Capital, New Business Development, New Market Entry

Global Telecommunications

Vtel Holdings Ltd. is a multinational corporation based in the Middle East that is incorporated with the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). Created by Paul Pereira, Vtel Holdings is the forerunner in the telecommunications sector, working in challenging and new emerging markets, such as The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Latin and Central America, and the Caribbean.  The corporation was built on a blue ocean strategy of growth through acquisition of licenses and operating entities in “difficult emerging countries”.

Due to Pereira’s expertise in mergers and acquisitions and raising capital, Vtel Holdings is a $1 billion consortium focused on establishing and investing in the telecommunication sector. By acquiring subsidiary companies, Vtel was able to increase its shareholder base, and build an increasingly more profitable subscriber pool. One of Vtel Holding’s major subsidiary companies is Paltel—the leading telecommunications provider in Palestine, and one of Alton Worldwide's successful turnaround projects. Through Paltel’s infrastructure, which encompasses subsidiary companies Jawwal (Palestine’s mobile service provider) and Hadara (IP service provider), Vtel Holdings was able to implement innovative technologies and invest in telecommunications throughout the Middle East. 

Vtel has worked in other areas and within the first year of operations the Saudi fiber optic acquisition was sold for a $100 million gain, setting the stage for unobstructed growth and execution of the global strategy.

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