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MHG - The Biopolymer Company - Canola Fields

Alton Worldwide's most recent success story involves the merging and subsequent expansion of two environmental solutions companies -Meredian and DaniMer Scientific - into a single brand identity called MHG (Meredian Holdings Group).

Meredian was the world’s largest Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) bioplastics producer, manufacturing 100% biodegradable and compostable biopolymers using renewable resources. DaniMer Scientific was an international corporation that produced polylactic acid (PLA) biopolymers to create bio-replacements for petrochemical products.

Merged into one, MHG as a new entity can now offer a wider variety of biopolymer resins and compounds for a range of manufacturing needs. 

With Alton Worldwide's expertise in mergers and acquisitions, we were able to consolidate every class of preferred stock between the two companies in favor for common stock underneath the merged entity MHG. Apart from expected increases in revenue due to shared resources and a more efficient infrastructure, the merger will bring additional income and job opportunities as it will hugely impact Georgia’s agriculture.  As a result from this merger, which was overseen by Alton Worldwide's own Paul Pereira, MHG’s market awareness and demand has grown exponentially, enabling the company to work toward scaling up biopolymer manufacturing to global production levels.

MHG PHA biopolymers are created without toxic solvents, have been FDA-approved for food substance contact, and are certified biodegradable and compostable by Vinçotte International.

MHG continues to grow as the company expands into commercialization. Pereira is currently the CEO and Executive Chairman to the Board of Directors and serves as the leadership and guidance for the company as they reach global prominence.

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