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Carib Brewery

Specialties: Creating Value, Turnarounds, Building Strategy

Consumer Goods and Global Trade

The Managing Director of Alton Worldwide, Paul Pereira was brought in by Ansa McCall, to help the Carib Brewery, the largest beer brewery in the Caribbean region. Two distinct issues plagued the brewery: The product line was too large and sales could not effectively support such a large product line, and the distribution network, owned and operated by Carib was costly and inefficient.

Pereira went to work on analyzing the product line identifying key performance metrics and product positioning in the marketplace against other competitors looking at sales volumes, market share and production cost per item amongst other parameters. After several months of analysis, the product line was rationalized and structured for a significant increase in profitability.

The distribution network was costly utilizing one central location for the collection and distribution of product. A hub and spoke network infrastructure was quickly constructed with strategic depots and service points. The cost reduced and the efficiency of deliveries increased. Today the same hub and spoke remains in operation.

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