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Why Alton Group

Alton Worldwide is a boutique management consulting firm. You can consider us the Paramedcis of business. We fix businesses that are broken or in need of fresh ideas, strategy or capital. We are handson and performanc driven. We design solutions and imlement and execute for results

  1. Improve Operating Efficiency: Many company's issues result from poor practices, lack of control and process and no proper structure for reporting roles and responsibility. Lack of accountability are some of the biggest proponents of bad business success. Alton comes and "scrubs" your comoany saing you hundreds of thousands of unnecessary expnditures and simultaneously imolementing best business practices benchmarked by industry standards.  
  2. New Strategy: Alton will design new strategic plans for your comany and execute them showing you powerful charged results.
  3. New Business Development: We are best known for increasing revenues and establishing ne vertical within your business where there is great revenue potential.
  4. Company Turnarounds: Sometimes a company heads in the wrong direction, looses sales and runs into financial difficulty. Alton's team of business paramedics are world reknown for effective , impressive and fast turnarounds. We move in and clean up your company set new direction, implement reporting and implement Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) on a dashboard for you to moitor daily and quickly set your company back on track to profitibality. 


"The Global community is changing its landscape at a record pace. With the advent of Articicial Intelligence and Machine Learning companies are rethinking the way they once did business. The companies that are riding this game changing wave will survive and frwo from strength to strenght. Those that sit and do nothing will become extinct.." Paul Pereira, Chief Visionary Advisor (CVA) of Alton Group



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